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8" x 10" crown of thorns

A collection of original paintings by Brian Henry.

Zombie Jesus, born of Brian’s pre-Easter dinner musings... “When Jesus came out from behind the rock, do you think he was hungry for brains?”... is a farcical pairing of two popular ideologies involving the reanimation of the dead. Its first showing, on the weekend following Easter Sunday 2004, was ironically synchronized with the much publicized box office battle between “the Passion of Christ” and “the Dawn of the Dead.” Well received and appreciated for its playful paradoxes, Zombie Jesus is among the most celebrated of Brian’s themes and the only that enjoys a scheduled yearly reprisal as “The Annual Resurrection of Zombie Jesus.”

Shown May 7th and April 2nd 2004, April 1st 2005 @capital h gallery



All Artwork created by Brian and Jennifer Henry

© 2005 capital h gallery